Hi Ruth, Fantastic work.
R, Aarhus, om advokat Ruth Caddock Hansen
I want to thank you for your support the last years.

I truly appreciated your flexibility and pragmatic approach. You really made sure we had a comfortable feeling regarding our legal framework in Denmark. On top of that, I really appreciated the pleasant way we kept in touch.

Thank you for everything!
Dutch executive about advokat Ruth Caddock Hansen
I can highly recommend Ruth and her colleagues at UNIVERSADVOKATER. Ruth is quite unique in that she has dual qualification and offers a very user-friendly experience for English counsel seeking Danish legal advice.

I have really appreciated her wide-ranging expertise and assistance with all manner of projects - from GDPR compliance to VAT issues - in the Danish tourism sector.
Henry Bankes, formerly General Counsel at Wyndham Destinations, about Ruth Caddock Hansen.
Ruth Caddock Hansen
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